No more cold nights for the homeless in Pakistan

No more cold nights for the homeless in Pakistan

There is a large number of Pakistani who sleep in the streets every night. One can readily see people and even families spending their days under the hot sun and being huddled for warmth at night. None of them are willing participants in this homelessness. They typically carry with them plastic bags, stacks of clothing and blankets, and any other things they may consider “valuable” as they search for places to rest day after day.

Thankfully, Pakistan is now doing something about this serious social problem. The government is looking for ways to fulfill its social responsibility by providing lodging and food for these people. Alarmed by the rising number of homeless people, the government has taken the initiative to construct shelter homes as well as provide basic human needs, including food and medical care for those who fall through the social crack. According to recent statistical data, Pakistan, a country of 220 million, has 20 million homeless people, and this humanitarian program is expected dramatically reduce this horrible homelessness ratio.

Transforming Pakistan into a real welfare state is the ultimate goal, and building shelter homes is a big step forward. People are hoping that, with this initiative as the spark, the underprivileged segment of Pakistan society would finally be prioritized.

While permanent shelter homes are being constructed, tents are being set up as temporary shelter for the homeless. And those residing in these tents would be given blankets, food, and clean water. The first phase of the project will be in Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, and Karachi, and each are designed to house hundreds of residents.