Michelle Obama Rounded Up an Amazing Squad for the ‘United State Of Women’

When it comes to squad goals, leave it to Michelle Obama to round up the most badass women to have her back for a summit that addresses gender equality and promises that “today, we’ll change tomorrow.”


In a launch video released on Monday, the First Lady revealed her initiative — called “The United State of Women” — which will work towards improving female lives. Obama is joining forces with basically every woman who was ever your girl crush: Oprah Winfrey, Kerry Washington, Tina Fey, Jessica Williams, and Meryl Streep, are just a few of the powerful leaders, entertainers, businesswomen, and activists that are featured in the clip that tackles issues like the gender pay gap and reproductive rights.


The clip opens with Obama announcing the summit and its message of solidarity for all women.


“We are the United State of Women,” she said. “We stand stronger when we stand together.” Winfrey later echoes the idea of female empowerment, citing that they’re “turning struggle into strength.”


The summit will focus on economic empowerment, health and wellness, educational opportunity, violence against women, entrepreneurship, leadership, and civic engagement. The White House said that while in-person attendance is maxed out, the summit will be available via livestream on the event’s website.